Treating the Soul as Well as the Sole

Nurse My Feet Foot Care Clinic in Windsor, ON offers nurses’ with modernized education specific to the prevention, fungal nail treatment, and management of common foot conditions, and are dedicated to improving the health and well-being of clients with chronic diseases and/or disabilities throughout their lives.

Fungal Nail Treatment

We specialize in a new, state-of-the-art fungal nail treatment. Combined with our treatments, products, and information packages for prevention, we have seen some startling positive fungal elimination, once and for all, with our clients.

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Ingrown Nails

Onychocryptosis, also known as ingrown toenail, is often a painful condition, in which the nail grows into one or both sides of the nail bed. Our scope of practice allows us to appropriately trim the nail to prevent further complication and possible infection.

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Additional Services

We offer a wide variety of products and services to help offset the pain and discomfort caused by common foot problems. Learn more about our speciality products and services here.

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Our Gallery

Our solutions provide relief from bunion joint, crooked toe, irritation, corn, callus, blister, forefoot, and metatarsal pain. Find support devices for hammertoes, claw, mallet, and bent-under toes as well. Learn more about the proven treatments and cutting-edge devices we can offer.

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Our Focus and Approach

Hair, skin, and nails are a part of an organ called the Integumentary System and can also reveal many undetected health conditions. Ridges, bumps, shape, pitting, and grooves – a touch of white here or a rosy tinge there – are but a few of many recognizable signs of potentially serious health issues. Such symptoms may require the intervention of a qualified health practitioner. Hence, the multidisciplinary approach we follow focuses on the whole person and not just the foot. We collaborate with dietitians, wound nurses, physical and occupational therapists, as well as physicians, podiatrists, chiropodists and pedorthists.

Mobile Services

To make it convenient for patients who cannot leave their homes due to illnesses or infirmities, we have nurses eager to travel to your locations to provide the medical attention that you need. We also offer our mobile services to patients incapable of traveling in inclement weather or negotiating slippery roads during winter.


Find orthotics for comfort, reducing pressure, or offloading, and products to realign foot deformities. Get access to products that minimize pain and enhance ambulatory ease.

Diabetic Foot Care

People with diabetes mellitus are prone to diabetic foot ulceration, neuropathy, and vascular disease that can sometimes lead to amputation. We provide the urgent medical attention that you need to prevent this from happening.


“I’ve tried many different prescribed remedies and nothing worked until I came to Nurse My Feet for PhotoDynamic Therapy.”

– Mr. D.F., CNC Programmer

“I’ve tried many different prescribed remedies and nothing worked until I came to Nurse My Feet for PhotoDynamic Therapy.”

– Mr. D.F., CNC Programmer

“I’ve had a fungal nail infection for 20 years plus. After the first treatment, I felt confident that this could be resolved. I found the experience at Nurse My Feet gave me a whole new outlook! I’m so much happier in my life.”

– MS. B.H., Food Service Employee